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All About Beef! What Makes a Steak

Many commonly associate a steak bring a prime cut of the cow. However, many other types of protein can also be considered a steak if it is a centerpiece of the dinner plate. The word steak was first used in Scandinavia in the mid 15th century and made popular in Florence Italy. The term steak or steik was used to refer to any thick cut of meat and not the type of meat. Typically, steaks will be served with a topping like mushrooms and some salad and juices from the cook, mixed with some flavour thus the term, au jus.

Today, Steaks are commonly served with your favourite sides, from vegetable based to starch based depending on your preference, a variety of sauces to pair your steaks with, most starting from the jus, to add depth to the flavour experience. And a steak dinner is not complete without wine though we think is not entirely necessary.

At SteakGrill, you have a variety of sides to choose from to pair with your choice of our steaks, and a salad to add freshness and cleanse the palate after every bite. We prefer our steaks to be simple, just some sea salt and cracked black pepper and focus on the grill, to best bring out the freshness and original flavour of the steaks.


Sides and Sauces Available at SteakGrill

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