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Our story

Chef Edwin's experience and passion for BBQ and grill birthed the concept of SteakGrill - a Western BBQ and grill restaurant. We found that good steaks are often too expensive, while cheaper options did not provide quality; hence, we are here to give you the ultimate combo, good steaks at an affordable price. With the Chef’s 6 years of experience in BBQ and smoking, your taste buds are definitely in for a treat. Don’t miss out and come on down to try it for yourself now!
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The SteakGrill
Flavour Experience

Slow cooking is the method undertaken here at
SteakGrill to cook the meats, to guarantee that every bite is absolutely delectable, perfectly cooked and juicy. This is the key to the special, unforgettable experience unique to dining here. The meats undergo meticulous selection and various culinary methods to achieve that perfect blend of flavour and texture that everyone enjoys.

Know Your Cuts


Your Steaks, be it pork or beef are served from different parts of

the cow or pig. Cuts served varies from dish to dish, creating a unique taste suited for you

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