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All About Beef! Different Cuts

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

We all love steaks! But did you know which part of the cow it comes from and what are the different textures of different cuts? They can be classified as primary steakhouse cuts, and secondary cuts which require more rendering to break down the tough connective tissues.


In-depth look on the Different Cuts

Ribeye (Primary cut)

Coming from the rib section of the cow, this section naturally collects more intramuscular fat thus creating beautiful white lines of fat, a marbling unique to the ribeye. It is bold, rich and tender and with more marbled ones, creates a melt in your mouth umami. It is made up of 3 muscles, the biggest being the eye of the ribeye and the most tender being the ribeye cap, the muscle above the eye.

Striploin (Primary cut)

Coming from the short loin section, boneless strip steaks or aka NY Strips, are known from being tender and more lean as compared to Ribeye. Though not as tender, it makes up for its flavour and bite.

Tenderloin (Primary Cut)

Small thin and lean, and very tender, tenderloin comes from either side of the background and is renowned for its buttery tenderness while being gentle in flavour. The most expensive cut of the entire cow is the chateaubriand, which is the center cut of the tenderloin and it only yields 1-2 portions.

Skirt Steak (Secondary Cut)

Skirt steak is a cut of beef from the plate section of the cow. It is long, flat and prized for its flavour rather than tenderness.

T bone/Porterhouse (Primary Cut)

Porterhouses are essentially 2 steaks in one with the bone attached. It comprises of the striploin and the tenderloin. Porterhouses are at the front end of loin and has larger portion of tenderloin while T bone is at the rear and has a smaller portion of tenderloin attached.

Brisket (Secondary Cut)

The brisket comes from the front of the cow and is one of the hardest working muscle. However when cooked low and slow, it packs great flavour and a fall-apart texture when the connective tissues are broken down. Best smoked low and slow.

Picanha / Coulotte Steak (Secondary Cut)

Made popular in Brazil Churrasco Restaurants where meats are grilled on skewers and servers carve the meat on the diner's plate, this cut comes from the rump cap and can be very delectable if slow cooked and marinated well. It results in a juicy, tender and tasty steaks from all the long hours of cooking and flavours infusion.


Burgers are typically made with meat trimmings from various parts of the cow. However here at SteakGrill, we use a mix of prime cuts, chuck and short rib mix with a proprietary meat to fat ratio for the juicy melt in your mouth flavour.


What Cuts are Available at Steak Grill ?

Ribeye (various country origins), Striploin, Tenderloin, Burgers. Our most popular being Ribeye and most voted by fans is the Aussie Wagyu Ms4 (marbled) Ribeye.

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